Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Traitors among us

In the aftermath of disclosures of widespread eavesdropping by the NSA, it has become fashionable to call Edward Snowden a traitor.

His revelations have, however, given Americans another peak inside our “shadow government.”

Judgment of Snowden may be premature, but there are nests of U.S. citizens that clearly are traitors — board members of U.S.-based multinational corporations. For several decades, these traitors have abandoned allegiance to the U.S. by exporting millions of jobs to foreign countries, thereby gutting our economy and threatening national security in the process.

Former CIA Deputy Director Michael Moore indirectly said as much in an Oct. 27 CBS “60 Minutes” interview.

To make matters even more treacherous, these corporate traitors are providing aid and comfort to our enemies by “doing business” with communists in China and Vietnam, drug cartels in Mexico and Central and South America and with terrorists in the Middle and Far East.

This has significantly weakened our economy and strengthened the economy and military of our enemies, especially China. There is no mincing of words — this is treason.

These treasonous activities, like slavery in our early history, strongly suggest that many in business will do anything to increase profits.

So where is Congress in the face of all this treason? It is part of it.

For 50 years, tax laws have encouraged outsourcing, and Republicans in Congress blocked President Barack Obama’s 2012 Bring Jobs Home Act.

The reason: These “Benedict Arnold” corporations fund congressional campaigns.

Contact Sens. Pat Toomey and Bob Casey and Rep. Glenn Thompson. Ask them why they support treason.

Bernie McCue,State College