Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Borough fires back

I am responding to letters to the editor suggesting that Unionville has become shabby and that the Borough Council and mayor don’t care about the borough.

As with any small town, there are problematic areas where enforcing ordinances is a challenge. If the issues cited were easy, they would have been resolved; however, they are legally challenging and are being addressed.

To suggest that the council and mayor don’t care about the borough is patently wrong.

Unionville, with a population of 291, manages to function with only three part-time employees. Through prudent fiscal management, residents have not had their taxes raised in 30 years or their water rates raised in 10 years.

Improvements in the borough’s water system, park and roads have been completed at no expense to borough residents because the secretary, council and mayor have applied for, received and administered grants for projects.

The letter writers should do their homework before they malign an entire town and its governing body.

Unionville is not at all shabby. It is a wonderful town with charm and character that enjoys a sense of safety and security where people know one another.

To impugn the work of unpaid council members whose civic pride compels them to volunteer their time is out of bounds.

And to suggest that the borough has become shabby insults most of its residents. Its council and mayor care, and to suggest otherwise is off the mark.

Angelica Wutz, Fleming

The writer is mayor of Unionville Borough.