Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | T is for TEA party

To those who appear to be ignorant of the meaning of the acronym T.E.A. and the addition of the word party, let me enlighten you.

TEA party means Taxed Enough Already. We are fed up with Washington’s tax-and-spend policies.

Those in our government appear to be spending money like a drunken sailor with no knowledge of where the money comes from or how the average American puts in long hours to earn this money.

The TEA party is not extreme right; it’s aim is to get us back to the spirit of the Constitution, which over time has been slowly decimated along with our American values and principles.

The Democratic Party has allowed itself to be taken over by the far left, which is leading us to a socialistic system of complete government control of all parts of our lives.

This, in time, leads us to failure, as history confirms.

Charles R. Kayhart, Warriors Mark