Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Give governance back

The leadership of our university has been hijacked by those appointed to the governing body.

The appointees have proved that they lack the same high respect (as our students and alumni) for the well-being and stature of our beloved institution.

Yet, these appointed trustees — not those we elected — are making the important decisions that will determine our future (they will select the new president) and how history will write our past (their poor handling of the critical liability issues that we still face and their failure to get to the truth).

The appointed positions exist to provide advisory skills in such areas as business, agriculture and industry, enabling our board to address the many issues that come before large universities.

This is no longer the case at “Dear Old State,” where these men and women of power and influence — some with individual conflicting agendas — continue to dominate the rule of important decisions.

An argument could be made to limit the appointees to advisory, nonvoting roles.

I place much greater trust in my elected trustees to make the crucial decisions affecting our university — and it is our university, not the university of the appointed trustees.

The appointees should do the right thing: resign or elect to stay in an advisory capacity only, thereby allowing our elected alumni and students to rightfully determine our destiny.

Gary Zuckerman, State College