Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Garman needs a roof

It is November, and we still have not had a snowstorm, and we still have no new roof on the Garman Theatre.

Many thoughtful people have spent hours of their time to come to decisions about the fate of the Garman.

As a community, we need to learn that buildings that burn and need new roofs — and need them right away.

Bellefonte Historical and Cultural Association members were ready to put an new roof on the Garman in October. We were not worried about “wasting” a new roof.

Everyone agrees that a snowstorm on a building without a roof causes further damage.

Even if the next meeting of the Borough Council postpones final decisions about the Garman, could they agree to let the BHCA put on a roof?

Risking a new roof is worth a try.

Colina L. Seeley, Bellefonte