Letters to the Editor

Penn State trustee Joel Myers letter | For a better Penn State

Dear Penn State community:

The recent Penn Staters For Responsible Stewardship attack ads naming me are unprovoked and false. The very goodwill PS4RS claims they wish to achieve, they have abandoned.

Their recent advertisements in the Centre Daily Times correctly state I voted for Board of Trustee term limits and that I have been on the Board for many years.

Their statement, that I have been serving two decades past my expiration date, is an outright lie. My expiration date is in 2017, and my last term will be up for election in 2014, if I should decide to run for a final three-year term.

What the ads and emails do not tell you is that I helped enact the term limits because I believed it was good governance. I did not need PS4RS to tell me what good practice is.

And their attack ad did not tell you I also voted to apply the term limits to both new and existing Trustees; and to alumni and non-alumni trustees alike.

It is unfortunate that a group that claims it advocates the truth spends money from its contributors to state lies.

It is unfortunate that a group that advocates transparency runs ads in the name of its members spreading these lies, but does not list who its members are on its own web site.

Nor is it clear who in PS4RS authorized these attack ads.

Healthy debate, discussion and dialogue are a great thing, and I have been an active part of the debate involving the most serious issues Penn State has ever faced. Inaccurate attacks that stimulate conflict within the Penn State community are harmful to the University, its mission, its students, its faculty and its alumni.

Joel Myers

Penn State trustee and alumni ‘61 BS, ‘63 MS, ‘71 PhD