Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Reasonable compromise

Charles R. Kayhart’s letter (CDT, Friday) argues that some of us are ignorant of what the T stands for in the Taxed Enough Already Party.

I would argue instead that too many people in the tea party are ignorant of an important fact: Taxes in the United States are lower now than they have ever been since 1958.

The place where many agree with the tea party is that government is spending too much. And in that middle ground — recognizing we spend too much and have the lowest taxes we’ve had in more than 50 years — there’s a compromise.

A reasonable group of Americans would be willing to sit down at the table and accept some level of increased taxes for some level of reduced spending. Reasonable people can discuss which taxes to raise on whom, where to cut spending and how much of the current deficit should be closed through tax increases and spending cuts.

If you are not willing to raise taxes, you have to get specific about where to cut spending.

And it’s not all going to come from the tiny dollars we spend on foreign aid. If you preserve all of the military-security complex, as many conservatives want to do, then you will have to slash Medicare and Social Security with a butcher’s cleaver with predictable effects.

So, if the tea party continues to claim they are “taxed enough already” and opposes all tax increases, a reasonable person can only conclude they are also for huge cuts in Medicare and Social Security.

Dennis Shea, State College