Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Student votes matter

Many Penn State students (and others) did not participate in the municipal election Nov. 5.

Some of those reading this may hardly have realized that there was an election.

There was. Voters in State College borough, at least, had choices to make in races for mayor, borough council, and the commonwealth Supreme and Superior Court justices, among others.

In Centre County, as a whole, election turnout totalled about 17 percent of registered voters. Some precincts in the county actually had fairly high turnout.

However, some precincts had flabbergastingly low turnout.

Four precincts in State College Borough registered turnouts of less than 1 percent; several others were less than 10 percent.

It appears that these precincts cover campus and other areas of heavy student population.

Student who did not vote may think local politics do not matter to students. That is dead wrong.

For example, perhaps they have opinions about State Patty’s Day; the borough council and mayor have a strong bearing on how that is handled.

Or perhaps they work an off-campus job; then, they pay earned income tax, which is assessed by local governmental bodies.

There are many issues administered by local government that affect people — even students — directly every day.

I am a graduate student at Penn State and a resident of State College.

I voted Tuesday. Why didn’t they?

Danny Brouillette, State College