Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Voting along party lines

As an election officer, I am required to ask for ID; however presentation is not required.

All refusals were Democrats, except a handful. All Republicans and independents gave ID. Unfortunately the opinions of the requirement were party driven. The party says yea or nay and that’s how people go.

Are we lemmings? Have we lost the God-given right, freedom of thought? When parties do the deciding, the decisions are from a select few. It’s sad that doesn’t scare people.

The majority responded that it was illegal for me to ask. I’m not a felon for asking. Educate yourselves.

These are the people deciding issues that affect us. There were the passive protesters who “forgot” their IDs. If you protest, have some conviction. You might be wrong, but at least you’re respected.

One can dispute the amount of voter fraud. One can’t dispute that opportunity for fraud is prevalent. Identification reduces fraud opportunity. We hand-write the sequence of voters. This practice makes the process error prone. Identification ensures correctness of names and legitimacy.

Voters prove identity to register to vote; that doesn’t validate identity when voting. Identity is proved when obtaining a driver’s license, but when stopped, the police want your license. You can’t say that you proved identity at PennDOT.

Identification doesn’t alienate legal voters. Everyone has ID. If not, they’ve already decided against voting; that’s their right.

The majority of legal voters didn’t vote Nov. 5. Enjoy the government that you didn’t bother to vote for.

Ron Quinn Jr., State College