Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Freeh demand is laughable

I laughed out loud at the comments from Louis Freeh’s lawyer demanding that Graham Spanier spell out defamation claims (CDT, Wednesday): “… succeeded in garnering headlines … without having to provide any substantiation … stuck in the untenable position of having … broad accusations clouding … reputations without being able to defend themselves. …”

These are virtually identical to the comments from the many who have criticized the Freeh report.

No one knows yet if Spanier is innocent or guilty, but I expect it should be easy for Spanier’s legal team to spell out the defamation claims. Commenters have been spelling them out for about two years now.

For Freeh’s lawyers to act puzzled as to what the claims might be suggests that they are fools, completely disingenuous or simply making another move in the legal chess game.

Probably the latter (ho hum).

Keep the comedy coming, folks.

Mark Ballora, State College