Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Picking up the pieces

My heart goes out to Scott’s Landscaping, trying to deal with the destructive fire that claimed your business. Taken from one who has lived through two destructive fires at the Mount Nittany Inn, it is both physically and emotionally devastating. Your life seems to just stop dead in its tracks.

To try to pick up the pieces and begin again seems like an impossible task. Where do you start after the tears, the heartache and the ashes? The reality creeps in from deep within your heart and the process begins. The smell of burnt dreams. A reality that is crushingly overbearing. You feel sick, naked and alone when trying to deal with even the simplest of details. The once beautiful building, the detailed records and all the pieces that you never expected to disappear in a second. Part of your life gone. Then the rebuilding process begins. It shouldn’t be — but is!

Take it from one who has lived it twice. The second just as horrible as the first. All the plans over again. All the work and pain all over again. We are still rebuilding a business that was taken away from the community for almost 10 years. The pain never leaves. The worry never quite goes away.

But somewhere inside you will find the strength to build again. God was with you. No lives were lost. Only hard copies of your life’s work. All can be started again — and you will. We all care and feel for your loss.

You will survive to do your work again. It just takes time. We wish you peace in your process to pick up the pieces.

Dr. Douglas Collins, Port Matilda

The writer is the owner of Mount Nittany Inn.