Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Voter ID law was fraud

I disagree with Ron Quinn Jr. (CDT, Thursday) that voter identification “doesn’t alienate legal voters.”

The Commonwealth Court has ruled otherwise, blocking implementation of the Pennsylvania law for the past three elections, and hopefully forever.

I, too, was an election official for many years and thought my job was to make it easier for people to vote, not harder. Besides, there has not been any significant voter fraud in Pennsylvania for several decades.

Development of Pennsylvania’s voter ID law is the fraud itself, because it was purposely passed in March 2012, about 8 months before the presidential election by the Corbett administration without any Democratic votes and could have disenfranchised voters who lacked proper photo ID.

And a state legislator was on TV before the election gleefully pronouncing that the voter ID law would guarantee a Mitt Romney victory in Pennsylvania. The real intent of the law is to prevent people from voting, especially Democrats.

About 500,000 voters in Pennsylvania — mostly poor, disabled and minority — would not have had the opportunity to vote last fall if the law had not been blocked by the court.

We can be thankful it was, for the sake of democracy.

Charles J. Kulp, State College