Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Myers could send a message

A lot has changed since 1981. Back then, the top-rated television show was “Dallas.” Gasoline cost $1.38 a gallon. Bill O’Brien was 12 years old.

Joel Myers was first elected to the Penn State board of trustees in 1981, and 32 years later, he is still on the board.

In response to recent attack ads in the CDT, Myers placed his own ad. In his ad, Myers notes that he supported the board’s imposition of 12-year term limits on trustees because such term limits constitute “good governance.”

Sadly, the trustees included a self-serving loophole in their new term-limits rule that allows Myers to run for re-election to yet another term in 2014 if he wishes.

I fear the attack ads have foolishly boxed Myers into a corner such that he either has to run again or be perceived as a wimp for backing down to personal attacks.

As the chairman of the trustees’ outreach committee, however, Myers has a special obligation to avoid sending a bad message to Penn State’s stakeholders.

Even “Dallas” villain J.R. Ewing would admit that extending a 33-year reign to 36 years would violate the spirit of the 12-year term limit and would represent bad governance.

Myers should do what is right, not what a loophole allows, and not be goaded into mounting a hypocritical re-election bid.

May no act of his bring shame.

Dave Ketchen, Opelika, Ala.