Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Proud of public schools

A lot of Pennsylvania schools look different from how they did a few years ago.

Nearly $1 billion in school-funding cuts have forced school districts to cut teachers and support staff, classes and programs that work.

But it doesn’t need to be this way. We can do better, and now is the time to start doing something about it.

This is American Education Week, a time to be proud of Pennsylvania’s schools and students and a time to consider what we want our public schools to be.

I’m proud to work in a public school. I’m proud to dedicate my career to teaching Pennsylvania’s children.

Every day, I see what we call the power of a great education. I see it as my students learn, as they grow and as they move from grade to grade on a journey to becoming responsible citizens, respected professionals and leaders in their communities.

Public schools help our students to succeed by teaching them to learn and encouraging them to grow.

This is why I became a teacher in the first place. And this is why I am proud of our public schools — during American Education Week and every day before and after.

Eric Davy, Bellefonte

The writer is a member of the State College Area Education Association.