Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Voter weighs in on ID issue

As a State College native and a well-informed voter, I was shocked by self-identified “election officer” Ron Quinn Jr.’s patronizing, uninformed and, frankly, unprofessional letter to the editor Thursday.

Quinn brazenly admits to collecting personal data on State College voters during the Nov. 5 election without our knowledge or permission.

I voted and declined to present identification, as is my right.

That someone working within my polling location, without my permission or knowledge, tracked not only my refusal to present ID, but my party affiliation, is an outrage.

This is not supposed to happen in America.

Who does Quinn think he is that he feels at liberty to not only gather confidential data on unsuspecting voters, but to chastise every single citizen in the State College area for their actions on Election Day?

Is this the kind of behavior we expect from the people we trust to protect and facilitate, without prejudice, our right to vote?

Quinn’s complete lack of understanding of the voter ID law (who wrote it, who it benefits, who it disenfranchises, etc.) is paralleled only by his total irresponsibility in using his office to demonstrate his incompetence and his hubris.

Quinn should resign his position.

He is no longer worthy of the great and honorable responsibility that he seems to have no respect for.

Gregg Symons, State College