Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Who’s Donald Trump?

It’s bad enough the CDT still gives space to the Flat Earth Society/PS4RS/Joe Paterno supporters who are hell-bent on reversing all the horrible misdeeds thrust upon a football coach.

Not to mention the printed statements by renowned filmmaker John Zeigler, nitpicking the facts of how many boys were raped.

But Tuesday’s salient news item of Donald Trump’s tweet was illustrative of the intent of this paper, which, apparently, like all newspapers, is to sell newspapers.

What is the benefit of printing Trump’s opinions? Is he a member of this locale, a past professor, staff member or student of Penn State?

Or was this item printed based on the fact that the local population cares, profoundly, about the canny insights proffered by an actor in a light entertainment television show?

This stellar community is composed of many remarkable residents who have so much to offer.

Why publish the glib comments of a cartoonish man who has no vested interest in my town?

Tom Farbanish, State College