Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Such a waste

The pork and uncontrolled taxing and spending became law Monday when the governor and government agencies completed the Transportation Funding Act (HR 1).

The bill’s 284 pages plus a 113-page addendum are almost impossible to read. But one theme emerges: The special projects (WAMs) and local government grants will allow a small group of people unprecedented access to taxpayers’ wallets.

If this money were be used solely for road and bridge repairs and improvements, I could accept it.

But this bill contains everything from special pet projects to anything a local governments could wish for.

Taxpayers are becoming the slaves for urban improvement. It will be a good time to buddy up to your local legislative body. They will have plenty of money to waste.

Working people who own and drive vehicles will pay for much more than road improvements.

John Simbeck, State College

The writer is owner of Gemini Enterprises in State College.