Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Unforeseen costs

Penn State has shown itself as a good neighbor that listened to the collective voice of the State College community and rerouted the high-pressure gas pipeline.

This pipeline, which originally was planned to run through the neighborhoods of the borough, is now going to run through campus. We have read in the newspapers that that move cost Penn State an additional $10 million.

A less-known fact is that this fight cost the community $10,500. This was the amount that the community paid in lawyer fees so that its interest was adequately represented.

While this is a small amount in front of $10 million, it is still significant, considering that it was borne by the average people who live in State College.

These additional expenditures could have been avoided if the community had been kept in the loop from the beginning of the entire process.

Hopefully, a lesson has been learned.

Smita Bharti, State College