Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Big business gets off easy

Republican Gov. Tom Corbett’s campaign pledge to not raise taxes now seems only to apply to big business. Corbett stated during a Capitol news conference that his transportation bill did not break his pledge to not raise taxes and motorist fees. Sounds like double-talk.

Corbett and the Republican Party’s new transportation bill will raise gas taxes and auto fees in the next couple of years to the highest in the country. So much for his campaign pledge.

Corbett could have raised taxes on oil and gas companies and closed the Delaware tax loophole.

But wait. Corbett does not raise taxes on his big-business political donors.

This new bill also contains and adds tens of millions of dollars for discretionary accounts (pork projects) that lawmakers and Corbett’s administration can direct. Where is all the Republican conservative talk about wasteful tax spending now?

Having reduced prevailing wages for a lot of Pennsylvania’s hard-working men and woman by half, Corbett asks big business to reduce their building cost by half? I didn’t think so.

Yes, we need a lot of money to fix roads, but why didn’t Corbett and the Republicans close all the corporate (welfare) tax breaks and tax the big gas companies before raising gas taxes and motorist fees and cutting wages on the working class?

Is that the Republicans’ new way to tell Pennsylvania residents one thing and do the opposite but still ask us to vote for them?

Kip I. Naugle