Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | The rest of the story?

On Wednesday, the CDT published a column (“Health care site a user’s nightmare”) by Michael Smerconish, of The Philadelphia Inquirer, detailing his problems on Healthcare.gov, the troubled website for the Affordable Care Act.

Along with your other readers, I certainly hope Smerconish is eventually able to get health insurance. It is very frightening to get sick without adequate coverage.

But I also look forward to CDT columns from or about one of the many people who now have health insurance who never did before.

Where are those stories?

I’m also eager to see the articles that put Smerconish’s column in some context. For example, if it were not for the purely partisan refusal of Pennsylvania and other states to set up state exchanges, the federal Healthcare.gov website would not have been overrun by such a large number of potential applicants.

Rather than join others by piling onto the problems with Healthcare.gov, the CDT could choose to differentiate itself by reporting the full story of the ACA, including its successes and Republican efforts to sabotage it.

Michael Berkman, State College

Editor’s note: The day after Smerconish’s column was published, the columnist tweeted that he had been successful in his effort to view his 24 health insurance options.