Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Embrace our diversity

I pray for the Rev. Kenneth Cod-ner, whose Saturday Clergy Column began with the assertion that marriage is an institution established by God.

I pray Codner comes to understand that marriage in our 21st-century society is a civil institution established by law. God’s participation is an often welcome but entirely unnecessary element of the rite of marriage.

Even atheists can be married ... and Pitt fans!

A marriage ceremony isn’t necessary for two people to formalize their commitment and love, but it’s a symbol many of us married folks cherish; some, like myself, find it offensive that gay couples should be excluded from becoming legally married.

While the reverend invokes Moses’ shopworn proclamations from Leviticus, which disparaged homosexuals and shellfish, the happy lives of actual, alive-and-breathing gay people I know and love are generally more deserving of celebration than shunning.

During this holy time of the year, I pray that people of faith invest their energies into understanding — and perhaps even accepting — people whose sexuality differs from their own.

I like to think Jesus would appreciate the gesture.

Marty Bradley, State College