Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Open hearts to God

The God-awful inhabited the land if Israel in Jesus’ day.

He came messiah but to be crucified opening the kingdom of heaven, but a kingdom not of this ethically urgent world flowing with milk and honey.

And Roman power drove the Jews from the land, losing sovereignty and retiring to study a book in the study house apart.

I have come to feel that these developments — this fall, this exile — have disenchanted the world and make God himself ironic. But that now, as the times gather, God walks the ground and chooses anew.

His choice in this time of exciting freedom is each of us in our choice of good against the odds, which always needs our neighbor as complement on native ground that is now the whole morally uniting world: Our bright, blue, borderless planet is the true promised land of our great belonging and adventure together.

This choice, like the first of Israel, is made in great volcanic love. It will require all of our love and courage and horse sense in turn.

For, when our hearts open to one another we see the face of Christ, and when we do, against resistance, good we meet God.

For here, on charged grounds, our choice of good, together, is absolutely sacred.

John Harris, State College