Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor | Parents need Web help

Social media websites do not do enough to provide parents with the resources to monitor their children’s activities.

Anything could happen to children on these sites, ranging from solicitation from strange individuals to cyber-bullying.

Many critics in the media and in online blogs cannot seem to find a solution to the threats facing minors on these sites, but there are effective changes that can be made.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram need to find a way to give parents access to their children’s statuses. This would help keep parents enfranchised in what is going on in their children’s social lives.

Web tools, such as KwickLook.com, have been invented to allow parents access to their children’s status updates, but Web tools like this are relatively unknown to the public.

These popular social media sites need to come up with their own solutions to these problems. It is their social responsibility.

Michael John Cadigan

State College