Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor | Not very forward-thinking

While some in the State College community will sing the praises of the school board for how it’s moving forward with the high school project, I will not.

Once again, this school district does not consider the time of working single parents and dual-income households.

Yes, it is great that they are having coffee and conversations, but they are all during the work day. How are working, single parents or members of dual-income households supposed to attend?

When do they get to have their input? It is bad enough that parent-teacher meetings do not extend to after work and that elementary programs are during working hours. Now they want to decide on an $85 million project while having conversations during the day.

If they haven’t noticed, that isn’t convenient to some, if not most, of us.

I thought school was about the textbooks and teachers, not how nice the building looks.

So before they decide on the project, please let’s have a meeting time all of us can attend.

Todd Baney

Port Matilda