Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | The last word

The public was informed that the Financial Control Committee of the Port Matilda Fire Company planned to resign, perhaps not as timely as the CDT or the Upper Bald Eagle-Halfmoon Council of Governments preferred.

However, before the FCC is “chided” about not caring about the welfare of the community, check its record.

The fire company was three days away from complete shutdown, leaving five municipalities without fire protection. Residents, companies and Allegheny Valley Bank of Pittsburgh, which held the mortgage, demonstrated faith in the concept of the FCC.

Its members are grateful for the public trust, generous donations and continued support. The municipalities came on board with budgeted monies and the fire company members raised some funds.

The bonded management of the FCC has satisfied the $313,000 debt and leaves a sizable nest egg of $185,000 in checking and savings accounts.

Now, $500,000 from its impending demise, the Port Matilda Fire Company is debt-free, with upgraded equipment and money in the bank.

It took dedication, fidelity and diligent regulation of funds. The FCC operated discreetly, without fanfare, so the public may be unaware of the increasingly disrespectful demands and attitude of some fire company and COG members.

Because the interactions were becoming more taxing, the FCC members voted independently and unanimously to resign. Before passing judgment that FCC members acted in an uncaring and irresponsible manner, walk in their shoes for eight years.

Lee Pressler, Port Matilda

The writer is former chairman of the Port Matilda Fire Company’s Financial Control Committee. He wrote this on behalf of all former committee members.