Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor | Gas boom spells doom

I was disgusted and disappointed to read “Energy forecast finds U.S. flush with oil, gas” (CDT Tuesday).

These glowing articles regarding shale gas are increasingly commonplace in our newspapers — cheering on the greedy oil and gas industry at the peril of Earth.

It is egregious and dangerous to continue on this path of fossil-fuel consumption welcomed by industry and an administration proclaiming it a “boom” when, in reality, it is doom.

The Energy Information Administration “sees no end to skyrocketing natural gas production” with the U.S. leading the way — as our air, water and environment become increasingly damaged by fracking and the industrialization of our forests, farms and towns. This, as climate change is recognized as more severe than predicted, with temperatures rising with deadly effects around the world.

It is unconscionable for our country and, more locally, Penn State to embrace shale gas as an energy path going forward.

Now is the time to secure a sustainable-energy future through renewables — solar, wind and geothermal.

The health, safety and welfare of all life on Earth depend on it.

Please join me in urging Penn State and our government to take a leadership role in moving our culture toward conservation and renewable, sustainable energy.

Contact Penn State leadership, legislators and the White House.

The science is in. Within 35 years, temperatures will be off the charts; the effects of runaway climate change will be unstoppable.

How will future generations — our children and grandchildren — remember you?

Pam Steckler

State College