Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Baldwin’s inaction lacks integrity

“Not a person of integrity”?

Cynthia Baldwin, in her testimony to the grand jury, stated that Graham Spanier “is not a person of integrity.”

Let us examine Baldwin’s actions or, rather, inactions that were so diligently described in the CDT on Thursday.

The article notes that grand jury Judge Barry Feudale “swore Spanier in to the grand jury and advised him of his rights, such as having a lawyer there to consult and the ability to refuse to answer a question that could incriminate him.”

According to the article, “the second question posed by prosecutor Frank Fina was whether he (Spanier) had counsel with him?”

“Spanier answered with a yes and Fina asked him to identify his lawyer.”

“Cynthia Baldwin sitting behind me,” Spanier said. To which Baldwin said nothing!

Baldwin did not correct Spanier by saying that she only represented Penn State. She did not correct Spanier of his belief that Baldwin was his lawyer.

Integrity! What kind of integrity is this? Spanier was being double-crossed by Baldwin in front of the grand jury and did not even know it.

Did Baldwin lie by not correcting or informing Spanier that she was not representing him? Is a grave omission worse than a lie? Baldwin’s actions, or inactions, speak much louder than her words.

Should the grand jury or the court believe Baldwin or anything she says? I hope not.

Gary Gray, Lemont