Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | It’s up to the little people now

Letter writer Greg Johnson (“Lead by example,” CDT Thursday) misdiagnoses U.S. Rep. Glenn Thompson’s vote to break the sequester spending cuts on the backs of veterans as a bad case of narcissism.

Instead, we should look to a more common affliction infecting our rulers: greed.

The Beltway Bandits occupying the six wealthiest counties in our country — the super ZIPs of Washinton, D.C., northern Virginia and Maryland — pay handsomely in campaign donations and other favors to keep the government spigot open.

And now that the tea party has been bludgeoned by GOP leaders John Boehner and Paul Ryan, the path has been cleared for a grand bargain between LaRaza and the Cheap Labor Lobby.

No doubt Thompson’s No-Labels caucus will be at the forefront of comprehensive immigration reform, which, like Obamacare, will drag down the job market for citizens at a time of record-low labor-force participation, increase the size and scope of government at a time of trillion-dollar debt and curtail our liberties.

If there is any hope for what ails our republic, it lies in the proles.

John Groenveld, State College