Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Justice is not a gift

Though I appreciate Gary Thornbloom’s efforts and interest (“A gift to the environment,” CDT, Dec. 25), his message of a “gift” from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court over the unconstitutionality of Act 13 is what many are saying in the environmental arena and is way off mark.

The message embodies where we are as a subservient and ill-informed but well-trained American society of “sheeple.”

In a democracy of caring people, when should we be so joyous of nothing more than justice? That is what the Supreme Court decision is — justice, not a “gift”!

Why aren’t we still mad as hell at the exploitive triumvirate of Gov. Tom Corbett, Sen. Jake Corman and Rep. Kerry Benninghoff at supporting Act 13 in the first place?

When will the common people regain the reins by taking to the fields and streets and choking off the ruling class reminding them that it is we who give them everything from food to fiber to gold?

Or, moreover, it is the Earth that gives it; we only take, take, take.

Brian B. Burger, Coburn