Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | No turning back from NFL

I am one of those “Paterno people” and always will be.

Yet, from coach Bill O’Brien’s initial news conference, I appreciated everything he has done for Penn State.

I knew all along this would be a stepping stone for his NFL aspirations. However, that does not keep me from being extremely offended by some of the comments attributed to him in which he lays the blame on us “Paterno people” as part of his thought process for leaving.

Well, guess what. Wherever he goes and at whatever level he coaches, he’s going to have to deal with crap! He’s made his bed with the NFL and will now have to try to fall asleep in it every night aware that the tenure of head coaches is only as long as the patience of the team owners.

He has burned the college-coaching bridge behind him. His moral and ethical integrity are irreparable. He would no longer be able to give his word of honor to any recruit.

Randall Kurtz, St. Marys