Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | A non-Billiever

Regarding Bill O’Brien’s departure from Penn State to the Houston Texans, it is the end of what has become an annual soap opera that could be called “Will Bill Stay?”

O’Brien was here for two years and did some good things, but he was not the savior of the Penn State football program that many made him out to be.

The Penn State football players themselves saved the program — especially those who stayed and the recruits who honored their commitments.

All of these football players put forth an effort that is second to none and did it for themselves, the program, the university and the fans. The coaches are only figureheads. Joe Paterno would tell you that.

I, for one, never bought into the “Billieve” and “O’Brien’s Lions” Kool-Aid that was on T-shirts. However, if I was a person who made and sold T-shirts I would start making and selling ones that would read “I never did ‘Billieve’ in ‘Dollar Bill’ O’Brien.”

A few weeks ago I wrote to the CDT stating that O’Brien had to quit saying, “I need to do a better job coaching.” I suggested that he just do it.

Now, I say to him quit leaving people in a position to guess about what you are going to do and just leave.

David G. Sage, Coal Township