Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Players lose in this deal

After reading about coach Bill O’Brien leaving Penn State, I wonder about and question the depth of his character.

Here was a coach promising young men he would not leave this program to get them to play at a school that is under restrictions and under a black cloud.

Look at it from a player’s side: being recruited by several good schools but deciding to play at Penn State because of him and the program. Then come to find out he’s going to leave, as this was just a stepping stone to bigger things. At least bigger dollars.

I wonder how many players will now bail out because of what he is doing.

I became a Penn State fan in part because of Joe Paterno but mainly because of the type of young men who played football there.

Look at where they have gone and what they have become.

I still think that what the NCAA did to the players was unfair — a typical knee-jerk reaction.

These players were not there when the problem existed. Why penalize them? The school, yes, not the players.

Victoria Hassinger, Hendersonville, Tenn.