Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | For the Bible warned us so

I think the Paterno people and those displeased with Bill O’Brien’s departure would find it beneficial to revisit and read the Old Testament.

There is a general theme throughout the series of books that if you worship false idols, everything basically falls apart.

The “Paterno Way” was a created religion and the Paterno statue its Golden Calf.

Utmost loyalists probably consider the consumption of Peachy Paterno as the salvation of remembrance and keep a quart in the freezer.

Those same people probably thought of O’Brien as Joshua replacing Moses as their new leader in hopes of conquering the Promised Land of the Big Ten.

O’Brien’s comment of just wanting to be a football coach and not a figurehead for Penn State pretty much nails it.

What escapes the people nestled in the Valley below Mount Nittany, the modern-day Mount Sinai, is that football is just football. When a base believes its players or coach are uniquely special and behaves with a creepy passion worshiping a created religion or false idols or displaying 409 bumper stickers of resentment, nothing positive can come from it.

I thank O’Brien for his time and appreciate his capitalist right as an American to seek employment elsewhere if he is less than satisfied with his former company’s culture.

Now, let’s hire another great coach, keep things in perspective and keep the ball moving in this wonderfully absurd game we love so much called football.

Michael Soyster, State College