Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | New year, new goals

This has been a difficult holiday season for Bellefonte as we grieve the loss of two beautiful historic buildings on our diamond.

As buildings fall, my questions linger.

Who are the members of Bellefonte Mews, who stand to gain the most from this project?

Why the rush to demolish now, in this cold — before the new borough council was seated and the final appeal could be heard in court?

Why would we demolish the scene of an unsolved arson?

This did not happen because the alternative plan was not viable; this happened because someone wanted those buildings demolished — and key people, in positions of power, made it happen.

But it is a new year, so ever hopeful, I will refocus my energies.

One positive thing from the Garman saga is that it has energized our community to become more involved and committed to make sure something like this never happens again.

I am even more committed to Bellefonte, to supporting our art museum, historic preservation, our local restaurants and businesses and leaders who actually have a vision for Bellefonte that does not depend on flattening historic buildings and giving our treasures over to developers.

2014 will be a better year for Bellefonte, especially if the new borough council publicly condemns the demolition of the Garman buildings and commits to prevent the demolition of any of Bellefonte’s historic buildings in the future. A first step might be to elect a new council chairperson and appoint a new borough manager.

Mary Vollero, Bellefonte