Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | In pursuit of honor

Bill O’Brien is a good coach, shrewd businessman and a good family man, and Penn State owes him a great deal of thanks for righting a ship that was almost run aground.

He brought some pride back to a university lacking leadership.

However, David Jones said on Penn Live that the Paterno faction was part of the reason O’Brien rescinded his agreement with the players and recruits.

If that was the case, fortunately, O’Brien never got the Eagles job; he would have had a media frenzy that he could not stand.

A reported salary of $3.2 million should be enough to care for a family; Houston’s medical facilities far outweigh those in State College; and he had the right to dream of coaching in the NFL. But he was obligated to be true to his commitments.

Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.

O’Brien called the quarterback and tight end to tell them there was a chance he would return to Penn State, but he knew otherwise. Why blow the smoke and reach out to Christian Hackenberg or Adam Breneman in the first place? Why call them? It’s also reported he told recruit Thomas Holly that he would return to Penn State, knowing the trump card was his.

Nice. Shrewd businessman, good family man. So we thank him for what he’s done, but he could have done more. I wish him success — but with some honor.

Ed Pawlak, Perkasie