Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Study the science

In response to Robert Bryant’s letter (“Not warming to climate change,” CDT Saturday), though it is difficult to get the truth out, more than 95 percent of climate change experts agree that man is the major factor in an accelerating problem.

The science of carbon dioxide’s effect is straightforward. However, mainstream media are controlled by large businesses, so we don’t hear much about it from them.

Fox News and talk radio take talking points from conservative foundations supported by large corporations and the super-rich, especially people like the Koch brothers.

That echo chamber cherry-picks to support an ideology. Even a scientist supported by the Koch brothers, critical of climate change upon examining the raw data of the major studies, concluded that the science was sound and the trends supported climate change.

Michael Mann was exonerated twice of wrongdoing by independent committees. There are thousands more climate scientists but no conspiracy.

Climate change science reflects trends over decades, encompassing the whole world. Year by year other factors play a role in air temperature; oceans have much greater heat capacity and ocean temperatures have been steadily rising as a result of heat-trapping gasses.

Minor air fluctuations don’t greatly affect the overall trend. However, when examined, a small enough timeline for air temperature shows a portion that is going down in temperature from the overall long-term trend.

Indeed, the air temperature timeline looks like a jiggly up-and-down line with the long-term trend upward.

Open your eyes to science, expand your perspectives, listen to someone other than Rush Limbaugh and look at the-long term data.

Doug Keith, State College