Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Not-so-honorable exit

Joe Paterno became Penn State’s head football coach in 1966. He was the college coach with the third-most victories and, more importantly, he made immeasurable contributions to the university.

When he died, our respect and admiration for all he did for Penn State did not die with him. That should be understandable to anyone.

I am one of the many “Paterno people” who became Bill O’Brien fans. I appreciate all that he did for Penn State football during his two-year tenure and his NFL aspirations versus college football.

However, while he was referred to as honorable in a previous letter to the CDT, I’m not sure that is 100 percent accurate.

I question “honorable” because of the unnecessary and unwise statements he has made about the many Penn State fans who have strongly supported him.

In spite of being hurt by those comments, I wish him well in the NFL.

Greta O’Toole, State College