Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Odds favor global warming

Robert Bryant’s rant (“Not warming to climate change”) against global warming in Saturday’s CDT is nothing short of delusional.

While virtually everything he claims is false, I present just three counterpoints, the latter two of which can easily be checked on the Web.

First. in the past two years, I’ve been tabulating the number of globally recorded record high and low temperatures from almost 2,000 reporting stations around the world displayed each hour on the website coolwx.com.

During that time, the number of record highs has been double the number of record lows. How could this happen if the Earth were not warming?

Second, during the past 15 or 16 years in which there has supposedly been no warming, all but one of those years was warmer than any prior year.

And third, the last time a monthly average global temperature was below the 20th century average for that month was February 1985.

That’s 335 consecutive months above normal. That’s equivalent, without a warming climate, to flipping a coin 335 times and coming up with 335 consecutive heads.

The odds against that are 7 followed by 100 zeros to 1.

I suspect Bryant’s opinions are driven far more by his politics than by fact.

Don Waltman, State College