Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor | Build on a new site

Yes the time is now: There is definitely a dire need for the State College Area High School building situation to be addressed. I totally agree with the description of the aging and deficient facilities.

Having worked in the high school for 15 years, I can assure you both buildings have been repaired, realigned, retrofitted and reprogrammed over the past 55 years.

But the answer isn’t in an addition and facelift to the existing buildings. The answer is in a new location away from Westerly Parkway to an area that is able to accommodate a completely new building with all the “bells and whistles” necessary to provide the educational environment so aptly stated in the editorial Saturday (Column: “Time is now, need is dire for State High”).

Sell the existing properties on Westerly and use that money to purchase the land necessary to accommodate one high school building with plenty of room for athletic fields, parking and security. That way there will be no disruption to students and teachers while a new facility is being built, and taxpayers will appreciate the foresight of the present board and perhaps be more willing to pay for an increase in their taxes.

Joyce G. Sipple

State College