Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Support anti-tethering bills

This past week, we learned that there are people in our community who think it’s OK to leave a dog tied to a chain in subzero temperatures. Some had to be visited by state police and threatened with fines to bring their “pets” indoors. Another actually let his dog freeze to death, as reported by the CDT.

As with all tragedy, there is some good that came out of this. I became aware of the anti-tethering legislation that is being considered in both state House and senate. These bills need public support.

You can help protect our helpless dogs by your calls, emails, and Facebook posts to your state senator, Jake Corman (355-0477) to support SB 522 and your state representatives: Scott Conklin (238-5477), Mike Hanna (353-8780) and Kerry Benninghoff (355-1300) to support HB 41. Your message can be simple: “I am a constituent — please support the anti-tethering bill.”

Many states already have anti-tethering laws. Austria bans tethering altogether. That would be my fervent wish for all our canine companions.

Monica Montag, Boalsburg