Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Biever deserved better

I was very shocked and saddened to hear of the State Theatre board of directors’ decision regarding Richard Biever.

Biever has done amazing things with the State through the years, and I believe it to be extremely short-sighted of the board to have made such a decision.

It makes very little sense to me why such an innovative asset to its management team would be let go. The explanation given by board members was that they were moving back to the “management model that was used before” and that the decision was “numbers driven.”

Under Biever’s direction, the State Theatre’s deficit was less $26,000.

Why was saving the theater money worthy of Biever being replaced or not placed in the role of executive director?

Biever and his family truly are assets to the State College community, and that is reflected in the following that Biever and his wife, Heidi, have.

The State Theatre board of directors made a grave error that will be felt not only by public outcry but in the bottom line as well.

Regina Brannen, Cedar Park, Texas