Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Interpreting the messages

It is surprising news that local Republican leaders want to “get their message out” this year. (“Local GOP plans strategies for 2014,” CDT Saturday.)

There are so many GOP messages. Which ones will we hear?

Perhaps the message of the GOP sending a kick to the stomach of those most in need by cutting funding for food stamps?

Or perhaps the GOP message of constantly working to diminish the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to protect us from land, water and air pollution, and give a free pass to those who profit from destroying our environment?

Or how about the GOP message of denying that global warming exists, is caused by human-generated carbon dioxide and presents a dire threat to us and all following generations?

Perhaps it will be the message that the GOP in Congress has voted more than 40 times to cut the Affordable Care Act a law that, although not perfect, will allow millions more to have health insurance coverage?

What about the GOP message supporting Ag-Gag laws, whereby those who film and expose farm-animal cruelty can be fined?

Or, maybe it’s the GOP message of requiring invasive ultrasounds to women seeking legal abortions?

Or the GOP message of kissing the backsides of National Rifle Association members to block any sensible gun laws?

Yes, for sure today’s GOP has so many “wonderful” messages. But do they really want them to get out.

Bonnie S. Marshall, Boalsburg