Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | One statistic overlooked

In his Saturday column, self-appointed “watchdog” Don Gordon once again offers a number of statistics to support his case for a “best-value high school” as opposed to the “very best high school.”

But I would like Gordon to supply an additional statistic for us: How much have real estate values increased during his time in State College?

If he owns a home in the State College Area School District, that house has steadily and substantially increased in value over the years.

Because just about the only thing that distinguishes his house from a comparable one in another school district is the perceived quality of the schools, is it fair to say that Gordon, like many of us in State College, has seen his net worth increase markedly because State College schools have a strong reputation?

If so, it behooves all of us to protect our investments by protecting the quality and reputation of our schools. When schools are perceived to deteriorate, property values deteriorate.

Gordon is correct in his contention that many Pennsylvania school districts pay their teachers much less, provide their students with less in the way of facilities and charge residents much less in the way of taxes.

I invite Gordon to consider moving to one of the areas that boasts a “best value” high school. He will enjoy lower taxes there. And he’ll find a much cheaper house to own.

Jack Selzer, State College