Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | A Biever believer

Richard Biever will continue to do amazing things in this world.

He will entertain, inspire, teach, laugh and make friends wherever he goes.

The State Theatre was so very lucky to have such an amazing man to act as its executive director.

I know the decision that was made was about the bottom line. But, oddly enough, I’ve never seen so many things going on at the State Theatre as when Biever was running the show.

Movies, local bands, dance troupes, children’s events, musical theater productions — there were often things going on upstairs and downstairs simultaneously. I do think Biever had the bottom line as his focus, along with his wonderful way of directing local talent in very entertaining, family-friendly shows.

From this perspective, it appeared that he was working very hard for the future of this community arts center.

Biever will be amazing in his next adventure. I’m not worried about him. I’m worried that this community has lost a gem — a talented, passionate, enthusiastic leader to help the State Theatre out of its current struggles.

I think he was doing a great job, and he and his musical leadership will be sorely missed.

Grace Irwin, Bellefonte