Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Everyone benefits

Why should we support a costly renovation of the high school that will only increase our taxes?

We have raised our children. Even our grandchildren have finished high school and moved on. Only once in a while do we attend a function in the high school.

We do support the referendum because it would greatly benefit this area. The whole community gains when the police department functions well, when roads linking different sections of the town are built, when the Y organizes activities for a large section of the populace — and especially when the schools provide buildings that can greatly enhance the learning of the children we seek to educate. We all benefit.

The meetings being held by members of the school board clearly show the need for renovations: decrepit and outdated facilities; classrooms that couldn't get the heat over 50 degrees during the recent cold wave; and many other shortcomings. Even the students tell us of the many obvious facility problems at the high school. Renovation is needed.

We want to be counted with those who vote for what is best for the children of State College. Everyone benefits when graduates are well prepared for their next steps in life.

Helen Hanson, Boalsburg