Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor | Theater chief laments loss

I appreciate the public support of Richard Biever and his creativity, talent and expertise in the theater community, and feel similarly about his tremendous artistic contributions to the local community.

I have stated that the board holds Biever in the highest esteem and I mean that.

The board had no choice but to make tough decisions, including personnel adjustments, to improve the theater’s ability to further its mission in a fiscally sustainable manner.

Biever had been our artistic director for the past year; with a new executive director, the theatre cannot fund both positions at their prior levels.

We hope to continue with a musical theatrical director in a part-time position with profit-sharing on ticket sales. Biever was offered and, unfortunately, declined this position and has assured us he will continue to bring his theater productions to the State via Singing on Stage.

Please support Biever and the State Theatre by attending the production of “Annie” on Feb. 7-9.

Lisa Peters

State College

The writer is president of the State Theatre Board of Directors.