Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor | Neighbor regrets missed chance

Even though I lived next door, I never got a chance to meet former Penn State football coach Bill O’Brien and his family. Now we probably won’t ever get to meet, and I think it was a missed opportunity that really was too bad.

O’Brien was my neighbor, and my family always hoped we would be able to meet him. We recently moved here from Pittsburgh, and the O’Brien family had moved here from Massachusetts.

I did not want O’Brien to leave Penn State. I think he was a good person. He was an inspiration to a lot of people and a great coach.

When he first came to Penn State, he led the team to a really good season and won the Coach of the Year award.

I have heard players say he was an inspiration. I think he is going to do well for the Houston Texans and their fans.

I think he taught the players at Penn State valuable lessons about football and life. For instance, once I saw a show about Penn State football where O’Brien was being interviewed.

He said, “If you work hard and the team works hard, you will have a great football season but, also, if you work hard in life you will have a great life.” He said that’s what he tells the team.

I hope the new coach is as great a role model as O’Brien was in Happy Valley. I wish O’Brien the best at his new coaching position at Texas.

I also hope the new coach moves in next door!

Jimmy Manyak


The writer is a sixth-grader at Mount Nittany Middle School.