Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Look forward, not back

With the high school referendum approaching, it’s easy for pictures of dilapidated conditions, reports of pungent smells, news of failed plumbing and, of course, cost estimates to create some déjà vu moments. For some, these reminders bring bad memories about past school board battles, fights for two separate schools, the bond fiasco and — in the end — no new school.

I am trying hard to look forward even though I’m just a little bitter that a new school will come too late to directly benefit my two high school-aged kids.

Instead of looking backward, we should remind ourselves that the current school board has gone out of its way to seek input from the community and to keep us informed at every single step in this process.

The board’s efforts have helped mend old wounds and unite the community. The current plan reflects the intersection of what the community wants and what students need.

Because we need a new school and because I trust in the community-based, board-led process to get us to the current plan, I will vote in favor of the new school.

But no matter how the vote turns out, I’d like to thank the school board members for their tireless work.

Ted Jaenicke, State College