Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Plan doesn’t add up

I agree with letter writer Pete Schempf (“A hidden agenda?” Thursday). The high school buildings have been neglected for many years, and I blame the State College Area School District physical plant for not planning ahead for needed repairs and system upgrades and repairing the flooding problem. This needs to be looked into.

And who accepted the new design? It looks like it’s way over-designed. They want to build a new school in front of the South Building attached to the existing building with walkways.

Why don’t we save our money and just build a square addition directly attached to the existing building? Once the new building is built, they are going to renovate the old buildings; they’ll still have to do the expensive upgrades referred to in the article to the existing buildings.

And how come the North Building is OK for the Delta Program but not for existing students?

Do the math. Extensive repairs are needed, but not the proposed plan.

We don’t need a Taj Mahal.

Mark Crowley, Boalsburg