Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Shedding light on a problem

I am a resident of State College who often rides a bike.

I am angered at how commonly I see cars run red lights. It is dangerous to bike riders, to other car drivers and to pedestrians — especially so to parents walking with their children.

This behavior is getting progressively worse. It is an unfriendly, thoughtless, dangerous behavior that reduces the quality of life in our very fine town.

Local police do not have the time or numbers to adequately address this problem.

A good alternative would be to install red-light cameras at selected intersections. Red-light cameras would photograph from the rear cars that run red lights.

This evidence would then be used to issue fines to violators.

Red-light cameras have already been installed in Philadelphia, and there has been a significant decrease in instances of drivers there running red lights.

This practice should be extended to State College for the benefit of all of its residents.

Eric D. Smith, State College